The mission of the Millennium Bands is to enrich the lives of its students through the successful performance of quality music.  To support this mission, we have three primary areas of focus:


Students build responsibility by cultivating their individual skills and monitoring their individual efforts to reach and exceed the standards expected of students of similar age and experience.  Just as a chef requires quality ingredients to cook a great meal, a musical ensemble requires a high quality of individual performance to generate a beautiful or exciting performance.  It is stressed that individual work and effort are the factors that most contribute to the successful growth of musician's skills, not individual talent.  While talent or natural abilities certainly contributes to successful performance, hard work beats talent every time.



Much effort is also made to have students develop cooperation within their sections.  Sections are comprised of the people who play the same or similar instruments.  The goal of the section is to produce a cohesive sound that represents the combined efforts of each section member.  These groups of peers often sit near each other every day, and develop relationships that either contribute or detract from the band's success.  This need for cooperation is not only useful in the world of musical performance, but serves students well in other aspects of life where cooperation with your peers is required for success.



Finally, students practice each day that their level of effort has an effect on the other people in the room, who may or may not be their immediate peer.  The idea that everyone's effort contributes to the overall performance of a population performing a task is, again, an important skill in music AND in life outside of the classroom.  In the classroom, students learn that their parts, no matter how exciting or boring, have great value to the success of the entire performing ensemble.