We are quickly approaching the time when beginners will be choosing their instruments for the school year.  The following is an outline of the events that must take place before instrument selections are approved and students will be sent to go acquire instruments:

  • Complete instrument testing
  • Get instrument commitments on the following instruments:
    • 8 tubas (4 from each class)
    • 8 French horns
    • 3 oboes
    • 3 bassoons
  • Review remaining instrument selections
  • Confirm instrumentation (within 1 of each goal listed):
    • 10 flutes
    • 3 oboes
    • 3 bassoons
    • 18 clarinets
    • 7 alto saxes
    • 3 tenor saxes
    • 12 trumpets
    • 8 French horns
    • 12 trombones
    • 6 baritone/euphoniums
    • 8 tubas
    • 7 percussion
  • Send out Instrument Approval Forms & rental packets
  • Establish date of First Day with Instruments

It is imperative that instruments not be acquired prior to receiving an Instrument Approval Form (with the exception of students that attended summer band camps and have prior experience)!

Having the correct instrumentation is a key component of creating a great sounding band!  The director must have governance over the band’s instrumentation in order to create an enjoyable experience for the students!  If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Mr. Langston for assistance!!!

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