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Fall Fundraiser!!!

Millennium Middle Tumbler

Students kicked off our Fall Fundraiser today in class!  Students will be selling items from the Savory Sensations and Tumbler brochures. The Savory Sensations brochure feature food items like cookie dough and other baked goods, while the Tumbler brochure offers tumblers of 2 sizes featuring popular college logos as well as the Millennium MS logo.

Money raised through this sale can be applied to students’ Band Assessment for the school year ($100) or towards the rental of a school instrument ($100).

So, the target number for selling items is 15.  By selling 15 items, enough profit is earned to cover their $100 Band Assessment.

Students can also qualify for prizes by selling 8 items.  For every 8 items sold, students earn a stuffed animal with random prize coupons inside.  These prizes include cash, stuffed animals, and a drone copter!

Ask your student to see this year’s brochures and begin planning out how you can best support the band this year!


  • Special note: The school’s money collection policy prohibits the collection of money via checks.  All money must be either cash or money order (money orders made out to Millennium Middle School.)

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