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Music Expression Assignment Resources

As students are preparing their pieces for Solo & Ensemble, Concert MPA, and in-class Music Expression Assignments, they will be looking for ways they can make their performances more expressive.  Below are some links to explanations of the several techniques that will be covered in class: Phrasing Ascending/Descending Notes Tapering the Phrase Varying Repeated Material…

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Lung Expansion

We talk incessantly about breathing in class.  This brief video I found on Vine shows a great visual of how lungs expand when filled with air.  (It is actually a comparison between a smoker’s lung and a healthy lung, but the visual still pertains to what we every day!)

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SmartMusic Help

For those Millennium students who have had trouble creating their login for SmartMusic, help has arrived!!! First of all, students can create their login and password by following the following link: Using this link, students will not be prompted to purchase the program (though, you should seriously consider it!)  Once at the page, simply…

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